Health Coaching  

Mind-Body Functional Medicine Health Coaching sessions are geared toward supporting people on their personal growth and healing journeys, while providing guidance and direction for the optimal health of their children. Clients choose the focus of their sessions, which can range from assistance with healthy lifestyle choices including diet and exercise, to identifying and clearing unconscious emotions, belief patterns, and generational traumas, learning Mind-Body Medicine techniques, and sorting through the maze of testing and therapies available for helping their kids.  

Thinking about how you want your life to be is very different than taking targeted action.

A coach assists you with  making a plan to achieve your goals that fits in your life.

They help you to stay in action, assisting you along your path to success.

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Individual Coaching Sessions

Set up a free 20-minute Introductory Session to find out how coaching can work for you. There's no obligation - it's the best way to get your questions answered and see if we're a fit.

Group Coaching Sessions

Contact me with your name, the type of group you are interested in (general healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress management, etc., and I will contact you when a group is starting.