Energy Medicine  

When we get down to the most fundamental aspect of life, a living being is one that is somehow animated. Two identical bodies may both have bones, muscles, tendons, and organs, but only one may be alive.  Why?  What animates one and is missing from the other?  

There are many names for the animator - Life Force, Chi, Qi, and the Human Energetic Biofield are a few.  Whatever the name, we know that the difference between a body that is alive, and one that is not, is the addition of some type of subtle energy, a Bio-energy.

When our Bio-energy flows within and around us freely, we experience health and vitality. We are vivaciously, vibrantly alive!

Vitality is defined as:  exuberant physical strength or mental vigor; the capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence; the power to live or grow.

Unfortunately, bio-energy can get stuck, constricted, suppressed, lowered, and blocked.

This creates pain, illness, disease, tumors, diminished mental capacity, and a lack of vitality and vibrancy.

Beside a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food choices, stress and poor sleep, there's also unexpressed emotions, limiting beliefs, generational trauma, negative thoughts, and spiritual incongruity that can create incoherence resulting in blocked, constricted, and lowered bio-energy.

I specialize in coaching that helps to reverse lifestyle driven chronic disease and identifies and releases stuck Bio-energy so you can experience exuberant physical strength, mental vigor, the capacity for survival, the continuation of a meaningful and purposeful existence, the power to live and grow. 

Professor George Vithoulkas discusses energy healing and talks about the building blocks of life being pure energy. Like Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (see 5 Levels of Healing), Professor Vithoulkas emphasizes the importance of our spiritual, mental and emotional bodies in healing stating conventional medicine tries to solve the problems of health and disease by only dealing with the material/physical level. The particles of energy which carry information and consciousness are at the heart of health.