Curriculum Vitae 

Janine Burnham-Ruth

Curriculum Vitae


Employment and Education

2023 Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach - Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Institute of Functional Medicine

2020-(current) Operations Manager/Privacy and Compliance Officer/IT Technician - Epidemic Answers/Documenting Hope, Utilize a Collaborative Functional Medicine Model to Educate Parents and Scientifically Demonstrate Recovery and Prevention of Chronic Childhood Health and Developmental Conditions; Built and maintain HIPAA compliant EHR platform

2015-(current) Instructor - Recognizing the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection for Healing and Recovery, Epidemic Answers/Documenting Hope Health Coach Training Course

2021-(current) Joint American Homeopathic Conference Virtual Event Manager/Webinar Moderator - National Center for Homeopathy

2020-2022 Course Moderator/Education Platform Manager - Whole Health Now, Virtual Homeopathic Courses

2020 Volunteer Moderator - Joint American Homeopathic Conference 2020

2019-2020 Clinical Observation and Analysis - Academy of Homeopathy Education Clinic

2018-2019 Volunteer Website Designer/Builder - Bristol Borough Teen Foundation

2014-2019 Advanced Clinical Studies - Homeopathy School International

2014 Certified Homeopath - Academy of Classical Homeopathy

2013-2020 Director/Co-Chair/Corresponding Secretary - Epidemic Answers Board of Directors

2010-2013 Co-Developer/Educator - Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids, Family-based Community Development Program

2009-2013 Co-Owner/Manager and Promoter of In-Person Speakers and Workshops - Higher Consciousness for Healing

2009- 2020 Owner/Administrator of Energy-Based Healing Modalities/Health Coach - Connecting Body Energy

2007-2009 Volunteer Founder/Group Leader - Holistic Moms Network of Lower Bucks County, PA

2005-2020 Owner/Designer/Builder - Captivating Web Designs, Website Development

2000-2005 Assistant Director - The Davis Center for Sound Based Therapy

2001 Mediator Certification - Volunteer Community Resolution Program, Superior Court of New Jersey

1998-2001 Volunteer Talk Radio Show Producer/Host - Curious About Kids, WDVR 89.7 FM

1998 Caldwell College Adjunct Professor - Using Brain Compatible Methods in the Classroom, Master Level Course for Educators, Regional Training Center

1998 K-8 Substitute Teacher - Clinton and Flemington School Districts, NJ

1998 1st-2nd-3rd Grade Teacher - Bethune Academy, East Orange, NJ

1996-1997 Director of Drama and Theater - Raritan Valley Montessori School, Bridgewater, NJ

1996-1997 Director of Children's Division - Computer Tutor, Belle Mead, NJ

1996 Neurodevelopment Therapist - National Academy of Child Development, Boonton, NJ

1996 New Jersey Provisional Teacher's Certification

1995-2000 Owner/Neurodevelopmental Testing/Program Design/Health Coach - Monarch Educational Services

1995-2001 Coach - Self Expression and Leadership, Introduction to Landmark Program, Landmark Education

1995 Neurodevelopmental Therapist Certification - National Association of Child Development

1994-1996 Director of Corporate Services/Lecturer - Lean Line Healthy Lifestyle Weight Loss Program

1991-1993 Head Counselor/Instructor of Before and After School Programs - Catholic Charities

1991-1994 Owner/Director/Instructor - Plaster Fun Plus! Arts and Crafts Store and Workshop

1991 Director/Instructor - Teaneck Backyard Summer Camp

1990-1995 Co-Owner/Educational Director/Instructor - Drama for Life Educational-Drama Outreach Program

1989-1991 Counselor/Drama Therapist - Jersey City Boys Club

1989-1990 Instructor - Creative Arts Team Educational-Drama Outreach Program, New York University

1989 M.A. New York University - Educational Theater Major, Drama Therapy Minor

1988-1991 Co-Owner/Disc Jockey - All Around Sound

1988-1989/1991-1992 Instructor - Gymboree

1988-1989 Creative Movement Instructor - The Works of New York City

1987 Drama Therapy Internship - Interfaith Medical Center of Brooklyn, NY

1986-1992 Stage Manager - Dance Designs Dance Studio Yearly Recital

1985-1988 Disc Jockey - DJ Music Express

1985 Telemarketer - Tele-Market Specialists of Fairlawn, NJ

1985 Actor - "Mrs. Mozart" Chamber Music, Marcus Hall, Teaneck, NJ

1985 Light Technician - Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Playhouse on the Mall, Paramus, NJ

1985 Assistant Director/Light Technician/Stage Manager - Mad Dog Blues, William Carlos William Center for Performance Arts, Rutherford, NJ

1985 Light Technician - Midsummer Night's Dream, Playhouse on the Mall, Paramus, NJ

1984-1985 Disc Jockey - Whirling Disc Sound

1984-1991 Equity Stage Manager - Yates Musical Theater for Children

1984-1985 Personal Fitness Coach/Aerobics Instructor - YM\WHA, Wayne, NJ

1984 Actor - "Deep Sea Edna" Dark Ride, William Carlos William Center for Performance Arts, Rutherford, NJ

1984 Light Technician - New Actor's Program Performance Workshop Productions

1984 B.A. Cum Laude Roanoke College - Double Major Psychology and Theatre

1984 Actor - "Nettie" Subject was Roses, Roanoke College

1984 Independent Research Study - Environmental Impact on Studying Text, Roanoke College

1984 Director - Little Mary Sunshine, Roanoke College

1983-1984 Switchboard Operator/Dispatcher - Roanoke College

1983 Actor - "Kate" Uncommon Women and Others, Roanoke College

1983 WaitressPlayer’s Club, Hackensack, NJ

1983 Chorus - Pirates of Penzance, Roanoke College

1983 Psychology Internship - Alcohol Rehab/Children and Adolescent Wards, Roanoke Valley Psychiatric Center

1982 Personal Fitness Coach/Aerobics Instructor - Cosmopolitan Health Spa, Paramus, NJ

1982 Stage Manager - Heaven Can Wait, Roanoke College

1982-1983 Weekly Contributing Journalist - Brackety-Ack Campus Newspaper, Roanoke College

1982-1983 Resident Assistant - Roanoke College

1981 Light Technician - Godspell, Roanoke College

1981 Properties Manager - Midsummer Night's Dream, Roanoke College

1981 Actor - "Rizzo" Grease, Roanoke College

1981-1984 Alpha Psi Omega International Theater Fraternity (President 1983-1984) - Roanoke College

1981 Actor - "Bellhop" Silent Alarms, Act 4, Roanoke College

1981 Counselor/Drama Instructor - Clifton Girls Club

1981-1984 Big Brother/Big Sister Volunteer - Salem, VA

1980 Actor - "Looney" Dracula My Love, Roanoke College

1980-1984 Chi-Omega Sorority - Roanoke College

1980-1983 Music Library Librarian - Roanoke College

1980 Camp Fatima for Children with Developmental Disabilities Volunteer - Harrison, NJ

1980 High School Diploma Top 10 Graduate - Saddle Brook High School

1978-1980 Dance Instructor - Kathy Dunn's Cultural Center, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

1978 Attendant - Pet Shop, Saddle Brook, NJ

1978 Server - Roy Rodgers, Saddle Brook, NJ


Additional Courses and Education

2023 Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration - Masgtova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration

2019-2021 Banish Brain Fog, Save Your Brain; Gastrointestinal Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications; 3-D Immune Tolerance Program; Hashimoto’s: Solving the Puzzle - Kharrazian Institute

2019 Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve - Stanley Rosenberg’s protégé Thor Philipsen

2019 Money Mind Academy for Online Marketing - Sean Croxton

2018- 2022 Friendly Flora Fermenting Collective

2017 B- School for Online Marketing - Marie Forlio

2016 Amygdala Retraining - Gupta Programme

2014 Working with Pendulums - Rainbows of Healing

2014 Astrology 101, 102

2012 5-Day - Jin-Shin Jyutsu

2012 Heal the Children; Animal Power: Moving into Balance - John Bradel Primary Reflex Integration

2010-2013 ART I, II, III; Protocols; Applied Psycho-Neurobiology - Klinghardt Academy

2010 Retained Primitive Reflexes and Learning Differences - Dr. James Blumental

2009-2011 TKM Levels 1-4; Body Biology; EMT; Self-Help; Cancer; Pathways and Pulses; Special Preparedness - The King Center

2008 Reiki I and II

2008 Be Set Free Fast

2007 Intuitive and Psychic Development

2000-2001 Seeing Starts; Visualizing and Verbalizing; LiPS; On Cloud Nine Math - Lindamood-Bell; AIT, Tomatis, Bio-Acoustics, Fast ForWord, Interactive Metronome, The Listening Program – The Davis Center

1999 IMAGO Therapy/Safe Conversations - Harville Hendrix

1995-2001 The Forum, The Advanced Course, Communication Courses 1 & 2, Self-Expression and Leadership, Leadership Program, Wisdom Course - Landmark Education


2018 Epidemic Answers Webinar - Homeopathy for Healing

2013 Holistic Moms Network - Introduction to Homeopathy

2011 Having Healthy Babies Conference - Conscious Parenting; Energy and Health; Homeopathy Principles; Profile of Child Development

2005 Un-schoolers Convention - Child Development and Sound Based Therapy

2005 Positive Parenting Podcast - Conscious Parenting

1999 Hear U Are - Positive Parenting

1996 Muhlenberg Hospital Ground Rounds - Profile of Child Development

1996 C.H.A.D.D. (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) - Profile of Child Development and Attention Deficit Disorders

1995 ENOCH (Educational Network of Christian Homeschoolers) - Creating Homebased Developmental Programs

1995 High Bridge Pre-School Special Education Program - Profile of Child Development


September 2009 Inner Vision Magazine - Don’t Go There Alone!

July 2009 Inner Vision Magazine - Listen for What Is Screaming to Be Said

June 2009 Inner Vision Magazine - Finding the Divine in "Good Guys vs. Bad Guys"

May 2009 Inner Vision Magazine - Motherhood: Divine in Action

1997/1998 Parent Guide; Hunterdon Parent; Learning Disabilities Association of Scotch Plains; The Tutor Fanwood Newsletter - The Neuron Connection and Learning Pathways



1984 Outstanding Young Woman of America

1984 International Youth in Achievement

1984 Alpha Psi Omega Contribution to Theater Award

1983 Cardinal Key National Honor Society

1983 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

1983 Student Affiliate of the American Psychological Association

1982-1984 Psi-Chi National Honor Society in Psychology (Secretary/Treasurer 1983-1984)

1977 Girls State Honors Program




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Raising Chickens


Arts and Crafts

Holistic Health

Energy Medicine