I have had the pleasure of working with Janine Burnham-Ruth over the course of the last year. Quite honestly, I never considered myself a good candidate to receive coaching because I am deeply self-motivated and driven by my own personal desire to grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I was offered an opportunity to work with a health and life coach so I thought I would give it a try. Surprisingly enough Janine was able to highlight for me areas that I was completely unaware of. For example, I had been working on adding more yoga and meditation in my life and was surprised at how often I found myself with built-up tension and "energy" with nowhere to go. I continued to push through with slowing down and she suggested I may be in need of occasional bursts of energy release based on some of my past traumas. She introduced me to a technique that involved "shaking-type movements" in those moments. I was surprised at how I needed these short explosive bursts to relieve my tension. I credit her experience in so many different modalities with helping me find another avenue that truly worked for me. Otherwise, I would have continued to spin my wheels to no avail. This really opened the door to my belief that having someone with education, experience, and empathy could benefit me as I developed a plan to reach my personal goals. 

Janine is a kind, warm and professional presence. She has always made me feel "heard" and courageously presented me with different viewpoints when I proved to be in a stuck place. I can honestly say she changed my ideas of how a coach can make a difference. It was easy to trust her and be vulnerable once I realized she cared about me not only as a client but as a person. It is an honor to recommend her, especially to anyone with a strong,  independent personality. She was able to relay a genuine presence even through our virtual meetings, which I thought would be a barrier.  She was clearly very comfortable during our times together and I  never felt rushed or pressured during our sessions. I look forward to speaking with her and feel like I have gained more than a life coach, but a true friend as well. 


J. W.

Through coaching, Janine has helped me to work with the areas in my life that I felt needed the most attention and encouraged me to explore areas that have been impactful and vital to my growth and healing. She is easy to talk to, is an excellent listener, and has a gift for asking just the right questions

which guide me to a deeper place eliciting insight and healing. Janine has encouraged

me to trust myself and my inner knowing, which has been truly invaluable to me.

She values authenticity, integrity, and truth as a coach and is committed to facilitating

change by guiding others to a new perspective." - S. B.

I recommend Janine! 

My experiences being coached by Janine were really impactful and helpful. She asks very insightful questions, listens well, and asks before giving any feedback or advice. I especially appreciated her calm presence and deep empathy she shared as I once brought up something raw and painful going on in my life. The gentle and just really “human” way she responded with honor and love to my heart in the pain I was sharing was really touching. Even healing. I highly recommend Janine as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. And although I didn’t have a need to get too deep into all her training and certifications, I could tell she is a wealth of information in the world of natural wellness. 

-M. P.